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Hi, I am Renate van Lamsweerde. 
A Dutch artist and art historian dedicating life to exploring different forms of art. The art of ceramics, photography, design, drawing and also culinary cultures. Born in The Hague, the Netherlands, I grew up in a house where art was a way of living. With Italian roots that passionately inspired my love for beauty and art.  

After my studies in Leiden I decided to live in Florence, Italy.  But when my father got terminally ill I returned to the Netherlands, became a mother to two sons and worked as an exhibition maker for the Museum of Literature and Children's Books. Because of my father's disease we were introduced to decorating porcelain at Pottenbakkerij Basalt. I found my pleasure.
It was in 2018 during the first trip to Marrakech, Morocco, that I discovered my love for the country and its artistic traditions and especially the people and their open heart. Finally I could accept my creative mind.

Today you can find me in Marrakech, Florence or in The Hague. I work with Moroccan artisans, inspired by their Amazigh (Berber) culture and the Marrakshi's ..in full admiration of their traditions, skills, love and humor.

Working together is a testament to the power of art to inspire, to transform, and to connect people across cultures and continents.


 Making your home a joyful place by decorating ceramics, making designs for tablecloths, scented candles, Berber carpets, earrings, little pouches and clothing..

marked RvL


To create a workspace sustaining  moroccan tradition, skills and creativity and to keep moroccan humor alive 
in a workspace where work ethics and wages are respected


 with Photography I can stop time.. enjoying the stillness of that moment written by light.

I hope the pictures will make you feel relaxed but curious, dream or fantasize,  make you embrace that moment of timeless thought..


My home is my showroom 

you are welcome by appointment


RvL pottery at Soufiane Zarib's showroom in Marrakech

RvL pottery at Soufiane Zarib's showroom in Marrakech

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From Marrakech to anywhere on earth,
maybe soon to the Moon too or Mars, delivery times can differ from two to four or sometimes six weeks depending on the available stock or production time.