About RvL

A few years ago, in 2018, I visited Marrakech for the very first time. A new world opened up to me, activating all my senses, the smells, the tastes, sounds, the eye, and very warm feelings, it all really touched me.

A world where I feel very much at home now and very alive. Here, I learned about the true feeling and meaning of love for all, in the purest sense, and about living in the moment of time. 


A spontaneous massage nearby the Atlas mountains had a holistic effect on me and made me feel reborn again, kneading the body kneading earthly clay becoming a form, through grounding, centering, focussing and be swept away by turning.

The Moroccan people, their earth and spirit are inspiring me endlessly. They make me aware of life...the reality with a magical touch. That's why the signature 'RvL', initially my initials, and they also stand for 'ReVeiL' ..the revelation of coming out as an artist, a reveille of life, a reawakening of the soul and of love, most of all the acceptance of being.

Thank you Marrakech.


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